Q1. What is the Cost to Join Biggobtc?

You can Join Biggobtc with a one-time 0.003 btc cost.

Q2. When can I withdraw my BTC displayed in my Balance?

A. You will automatically receive payouts once you have reached the sufficient levels in the program. The minimum payout amount in the program is 0.003btc.

Q3. My Referrals signed up under Admin, how can we fix this?

A. It is vitally important that the Sponsor and the Referral double check to see they are signed up with the correct sponsor BEFORE THEY COMPLETE THE SIGN UP FORM AND DONATE for any positions on the system. Because once a donation is made there is no turning back, it is impossible to move such a person back under the correct sponsor, since the whole matrix upward will be uprooted, and we are not willing to try and fix that for anyone. If the Referral followed the link and they arrive under someone else for whatever reason, they simply need to sign out, clear their browser history and then follow the link again of the Sponsor. Then again they need to ensure they arrived at the correct sponsor before they sign up and make a donation.

Q4. Is Biggobtc available worldwide?

A. Yes, it is available worldwide. Anyone cam Join from anywhere.

Q5. I want a Refund!

A. THERE ARE NO REFUNDS! Please ensure you understand what this opportunity is all about BEFORE YOU JOIN AND DONATE. When you join Biggobtc and donate to your Referrer, then you are allocated a position in the matrix that involves possibly thousands of members above you in the matrix. All those members are affected when you try to leave the matrix. Since you did not make a donation to Admin, you are not entitled to receive a Refund from Admin and thus no Refunds are possible. You will either need to talk to the person who invited you to Biggobtc and hope for the best or sell your position to someone else. Sorry, but here we only want members who can take responsibility for their own thoughts and actions.